The key idea: Experimentation!




SIPER is an educational tool for demonstrating signal processing techniques, integrated with MATLAB and with embedded evaluation boards. It can also be used as an analysis tool for research purposes.



·        Allowing experimentation with key parameters.


·        Both intermediate and final results are shown.








A variety of image processing techniques









Color representation




Morphological operators

erosion, dilation, opening, closing, top-hat, black-hat




histogram, edge detection, thresholding, segmentation




filtering, histogram equalization, white balance, crosstalk cancellation




in spatial domain, in DCT domain, seam carving




intra prediction, JPEG



Texture synthesis

chaos mosaic, quilting, graph-cut




noise addition, quality evaluation (PSNR, MSE, SSIM)








A modular plug-in architecture




·        Allowing easy addition of new techniques.


·        A plug-in abstraction layer supplies GUI and I/O services to the plug-in so only a minimal programming knowledge is required in order to write a new plug-in.


·       New plug-ins can be written in C, C++, MATLAB® or any ARM-based embedded system.








A full demonstration system





The figure to the right depicts an example layout of a SIPER demonstration system. A host PC is running SIPER that interconnects to C and MATLAB® host plug-ins and to an ARM+DSP Beagleboard development board from Texas Instruments running embedded ARM and DSP plug-ins.











Download SIPER 2.0.0







For any support issue regarding SIPER, please send e-mail to: .



SIPER is developed by the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory (SIPL), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

SIPER is intended for non-commercial use and is licensed under the Creative Common 3.0.